About the Grip Project

GRIP vision

Firstly, to establish and maintain GRIP as the most comprehensive and verified groundwater data set for rural groundwater resources in Limpopo Province. Secondly to, for the first time, make groundwater data available to ensure that proper groundwater infrastructure planning can occur. GRIP also facilitates the possibility for hydrogeological or scientific information to be updated using real borehole data instead of estimated blow yields. GRIP envisions enabling groundwater to truly become part of an IWRM environment in rural South Africa.


  GRIP Mission

  • To support and enhance groundwater development
  • To standardise groundwater information collection (manner, relevancy, accuracy, etc.)
  • To consolidate existing & collected data in one database
  • To produce verified and relevant groundwater resource information for planning purposes and informed decisions
  • To confirm groundwater as a strategic and important resource
  • To capture and present data in hard copy or electronic map format with added intelligence that will satisfy the information needs of all role players
  • To confirm the importance of groundwater information in resource management
  • To bring the availability of groundwater resource information on par with that of surface water.
  • To determine and provide 24hour sustainable operational yields
  • To offer nonGIS literate users a basic planning tool namely the GRIP Tool
  • To make quarterly water level status reports available as a download on the web site
  • To make regional structural information (maps) derived from remote sensing and aerial magnetic surveys for whole province available on request for DWA projects
  • To use map production as a medium to capacitate and disseminate geohydrological information
  • To develop, implement and test a groundwater resource information protocol that will guide planners
  • To investigate how borehole information is displayed and interpreted to assist planners
  • To report on the role groundwater development plays in Limpopo
  • To implement and maintain a systematic approach to capture relevant groundwater data
  • To develop and implement an accessible information distribution platform
  • To develop GRIP as a tool to assist planners and water resource engineers to gather groundwater data and to use this data to conduct better planning, as well as to assess groundwater development options.
  • To describe groundwater development in South Africa and in the Limpopo Province
  • To obtain the correct and relevant groundwater information
  • To derive regional groundwater management tools from the information
  • To report on the groundwater occurrence and presentation thereof in Limpopo
  • To promote the importance of groundwater information to groundwater management
  • To make data accessible for utilisation by local government, implementing agents, Planners, Water Service Authorities, Water Boards, Engineers, Developers, Environmentalists, Local and District Municipalities, water scientists, geologists, Agriculture, etc.
  • To offer a route to successful water supply projects
  • To promote the importance of aquifer management



Basic Info BHole Log Step Test Const. Test Chem. Anal. Bh man. Rec. Total value
TOTAL 25540 1811 1732 6845 8075 8354
Unit Value R2,500 R3,500 R5,500 R12,000 R2,500 R1,500
Total Value R63,850,000 R6,338,500 R9,526,000 R82,140,000 R20,187,500 R12,531,000 R194,573,000