Drought Action Plan (DAP)

The verified information available on the database generated via the GRIP can be used to great advantage in a time of drought to streamline emergency water supply projects. It will enable the drought programme manager to immediately identify possible resources at different scenario levels. As an example a query can be made requesting a list of all the boreholes with infrastructure available, but which would need minor repairs to function. The GRIP database can then render all villages where there is a sufficient resource with equipment but where the borehole does not function due to mechanical or electrical failure. In a case like above GRIP allows the user to know if the pump is diesel or electric. A second scenario will be to review all the boreholes tested and determine where sustainable boreholes are in close proximity of the villages with drought relief needs. By applying the above two scenarios the programme manager can already prioritise 75% of a drought relief programme and start sending maintenance and implementation crews where known resources are available and ready to use.


The drought of 1996 1999 in the greater Letaba area is such an example. Read more about the The Middle Letaba Dam Project here

Implementation of monitoring programmes/networks

The GRIP database includes a vast number of boreholes that are in use and also not in use. These boreholes can be sorted and ranked according to monitoring requirements and monitoring programmes/networks can be worked out with ease.

Immediate water supply benefits

Form the 620 boreholes in the H14 region more than 55% are destroyed, 33% are in working order and more than 12 % are broken. However, looking at the number of boreholes equipped it does indicate that by repairing the existing broken pumps ,some 44 diesel pumps and 29 hand pumps, the water needs of a huge number of people can be satisfied. The boreholes are also listed and supplied as maps to O&M and can be repaired immediately. The boreholes tested and recommended that are not equipped was also listed and supplied to O&M.