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DWA Drinking Water Quality Process Management & Control

Technical and managerial skills are essential in any institution if high performance and compliance are the expected outputs. With the right skill sets in place many infrastructural and resource challenges can be mitigated if not completely overcome. The inverse also holds true. The best water treatment plants and the biggest budgets cannot be made to comply without the right technical and managerial skills.

This Key Performance Area aims to measure compliance to the regulation Classification of Water Services Works and Registration of Process Controllers (currently draft, to be gazetted). It places a renewed focus on the Operational and Maintenance skills requirements with the ultimate goal of ensuring that adequately skilled staff is employed to take charge of process control, plant maintenance and management...

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DWA Water Quality Guidelines

The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry is the custodian of South Africa's water resources. Part of its mission is to ensure that the quality of water resources remains fit for recognised water uses and that the viability of aquatic ecosystems are maintained and protected. These goals are achieved through complex water quality management systems which involve role players from several tiers of government, from the private sector and from civil society.

A common basis from which to derive water quality objectives is an essential requirement that enables all role players involved in such a complex system to act in harmony in order to achieve the overarching goal of maintaining the fitness of water for specific uses and to protect the health of aquatic ecosystems. For these reasons the Department initiated the development of the South African Water Quality Guidelines, of which this is the second edition. The South African Water Quality Guidelines serve as the primary source of information for determining the water quality requirements of different water uses and for the protection and maintenance of the health of aquatic ecosystems. The process that followed and the wide variety of organizations and individuals involved in the development of these guidelines ensured the acceptance and use of these guidelines by all significant role players, as the South African Water Quality Guidelines. These guidelines are technical documents aimed at users with a basic level of expertise concerning water quality management. However, the role players involved in the different water use sectors are expected to use these guidelines as a basis for developing material to inform water users in specific sectors about water quality and to empower them to effectively participate in processes aimed at determining and meeting their water quality requirements.

The Department recognises that water quality guidelines are not static and will therefore update and modify the guidelines on a regular basis, as determined by ongoing research and review of local and international information on the effects of water quality on water uses and aquatic ecosystems. The process of developing water quality guidelines, and the involvement of key role players, is a contining one. The second edition is published in a loose leaf, ring binder format to facilitate the regular updating of the guidelines. All those who want to comment on and make suggestions concerning the South African Water Quality Guidelines are invited to do so at any time by contacting the Director: Water Quality Management, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, Private Bag X313, Pretoria 0001. Finally I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all those who have been involved in the development of these guidelines. I also look forward to their continued involvement in maintaining one of the corner- stones of the water quality management system in South Africa.

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